R: facing the giant Picture

"Who are you?" He shouted, his voice deep and eerie. "Cacus will eat you for breakfast!" Annabeth stopped short, paling a bit. Cacus, she repeated in her mind, suddenly feeling quite sick to her stomach. Over the years she had dealt with many monsters; empousai, hell hounds, gorgons, and stymphalian birds, to name a few. Cacus, however, was a whole different ball game.

Again, Annabeth hadn't learned much about him as he was from Roman Mythology, but she knew he was a son of Vulcan, which pretty much explained the fire breathing. Chiron had also mentioned that he ate human flesh and like to decapitate his victims and nail their heads to the inside of his cave. The daughter of Athena grimaced, picking her brain for any other information. She knew that Hercules had killed him by choking him to death, but how she was supposed to do that she had no idea.

I have to retreat, she thought with displeasure and annoyance. I'm no Percy Jackson or Jason Grace; I don't have any special powers like water and lightning control. Diversion, and then get out of here, quickly.

"What an unoriginal name," she threw her voice as high pitched and as far away from her as possible. Cacus turned his back on her and pulled a fresh tree from the ground, coughing onto it and igniting the branches. Annabeth took this as her opportunity and slowly began creeping towards a beaten down path she had seen earlier; unfortunately, she stepped on a small twig, snapping it in half. She only had time to cringe at the cliché mistake before throwing herself to the left as the roots of the tree whistled past her head. She picked herself up and was shocked to find the giant staring right at her.


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