Achilles and Penthesileia Picture

Achilles and Penthesileia, which is kind of an obscure story. I made edited the story a bit for my self as in the original story Achilles sees Penthesileia, falls in love at first sight and then shishkebab’s her with his spear. (And commits necrophilia but we’re not talking about that.) In my version they were both trained under Chiron and had a brief childhood friendship before Penthesileia returned to the Amazon nation.

So when the Amazons, led by Penthesileia now the Queen, joined in on the fighting during the Trojan war, on Troy's side, naturally Achilles looked her up, expecting to be warmly received. Which didn't entirely go as planned. Penthesileia, as depicted here, is not all too pleased to see him again, especially as they're rooting for the opposing teams. These turn into nightly visits, a reliving of an old friendship, a tiny bit of true lovin' and he ends up shishkebabing her anyway.


I finished it! I finally finished it! Let's throw a teaparty to celebrate! I seriously made the first sketches and lines last Valentine's day, that's how old it was. I really do like it, but I just kept forgetting about it D: There's even a bunch of WIPS posted on my Tumblr. from about August.... But the last two days I finally decided to finish this baby. Also I know her right arm is abnormally long, and other anatomical laziness.

She's wearing her under-armor-garments because they're at her camp, and she's more at ease. He's wearing his full armor because he was sneaking to her camp and you never know when armor comes in handy when confronted by a bunch of hostile Amazons.

The stars are all actual constellations, as is kind of becoming usual for me. Tell me if you can recognize any constellations, you should at least be able to stop the Big Dipper, and perhaps Orion too C8

Art and characters (c) *TheDutchesse

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