Grecian creatures Picture

Well, I guess you guys may have noticed from the Hades picture I posted a few minutes before that Seru and I ended up in the world of "Hercules". And since both Seru and I are also interested in Greek mythology in real life, I pictured us becoming a few creatures from that world as well... that means, if we feel like it.

You see, by ending up in that fandom, Seru and I may still look like ourselves, but we are able to change into other creatures... that involves animals, non-human creatures... all that stuff... but we still have our problems just changing into them. It's not easy. And that means we have to focus and master our skills... but once we do, we really do succeed.

In this one, Seru became a Gorgon and I became a Centaurette.
Concerning Seru, well... I thought it'd fit her. I mean, the snake hair, yet the human-like appearance... she's a Slytherin after all. And guys, I know her VERY well... sometimes she'd just LOVE to change people into figures of stone by merely looking at them. Mostly stupid people.
And as for me... well, I guess an explanation, or in Seru's words, "confession", is needed here... I have the hots for Nessus. And Chiron from the animated series. Yes, I'm predictable. Your move, Iago:

Enjoy. I know I do. Hehe.

Hercules (c) Disney
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