CDC DAY 14 - Magnum Picture

This month I am part of the Character Design Challenge! 31 days, 31 new original characters by yours truly!

#14 is based on a prompt by MadMonkeyDane, who's universe has a secret organisation called the MPP. Their membership includes many mythological creatures, and they protect the world from supernatural threats. If any of you follow mine or Dane's work, you'll recognise the MPP as part of the supporting cast of our DeviantUniverse comics. This character is brand new though, so it still counts as new.

Magnum is the field operations leader of the Centaur Corp, a subsection of the Mythicon Protectione Propellente created to cater to the fact centaurs only work well among themselves. Magnum operates mostly in Europe and is a soldier of great caliber and experience. Even if your also a centaur, he will put you through the ringer if you are under his command, unless you're his boss: Chiron.

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