Asclepius and Chiron Picture

A couple more designs from Greek Mythology class that I colored and decided to finally post them =w=

So you know what that means? It means it's time for more Greek Mythologies, condensed by yours truly >w>

Asclepius is son of the God of Music/Sun/Art, Apollo and a mortal woman, Coronis. He's the god medicine, and was taught by Chiron the Centaur.
While his mother was very pregnant with him a crow, and at the time crows had white feathers, went to Apollo and told him that she had been unfaithful to him. Apollo, filled rage and anger, went to Coronis and burned her to a crisp with the sun.
But before she died, she told Apollo that the crow had lied to him. Apollo realized she was telling the truth, and cut out the baby before he was harmed by the sun.
After Apollo gathered his son, he made the Sun's heat burn so hot that it caused all the crows' feathers in the world to singe, catch fire, and turn black.

Chiron is one of the few Centaurs that was depicted as educated and mannerly. Unlike most centaurs that were to be dumb, easily angered, and very animal like. He was Asclepius' teacher in medicine. Sorry I don't have much on him.

P.S. I know there are many versions of these myths, I'm just telling the version I was taught in a college class that I paid money to go to, so please don't tell me that it's wrong cause it's just different than the ones you know ;w;
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