Age of Mythology Picture

Microsoft Games has a successful series of games called "Age of Empires". One variation they did was "Age of Mythology" which had more storyline in the campaigns and cooler units plus god powers to smite your enemy with!

(I haven't played the expansion so don't spoil it for me!)

I found the characters in the campaign were rather likable so I thought they deserved fanart!

Each character has a variable color (which, ingame is usually royal blue) but for this I did every color of the rainbow (including indigo) plus black, white, and gray.

Who's who, left to right:
Odysseus (in gray) [link] from the original Greek Mythology. He a support character who is good at showing up unexpectedly in later levels.
Brokk (variable color: orange [I was running out of who to land that color on]) [link] a dwarf from Norse Mythology.
Agamemnon (in purple) [link] wasn't a likable character, but he's major in the Trojan War levels.
Eitri (variable color: yellow) [link] the other dwarf, the two show up in the same levels.
Reginleif (variable color: white) was a Norse Valkyrie and a cool, no-nonsense character in the game.
Arkantos (in blue) is original to the game. He's the protagonist, an Atlantean admiral who's too good for the Trojan War, but not too proud to chase pirates...
Chiron (variable color: black) [link] the wise centaur is my favorite character in the game.
Ajax (in green with the bear hat) mythology is an annoying Greek hero in mythology, but in the game, while still true to his personality, is much more fun.
Amanra (in indigo, wanted something blueish but I wanted Arkantos in blue and Agamemnon in purple so indigo wins) is the Egyptian heroine who does the will of Isis and is probably original to the game. She kicks butt! No-nonsense too!
Setna (in red, which is usually the enemy color, but it matches his collar) was a minor character I rather liked, who may be based on an actual Egyptian priest.
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