Chione- The Red Pyramid Picture

Chione- The Red Pyramid
My The Red Pyramid Character. After I watched (well, actually you just listen though….) the Red Pyramid vid on youtube by my buddyyy (xDesignerBeautyx). (Yes, she borrowed my book.) After I just like listened to the 1st chapter of it, I was like: I GOTTAA READDD ITTTT!!!!! & I had this urge to make my own character (sowee, I design my characters wen it just popped up in my head randomly- but it is my hobby ^^). I looked up the book & I looked at the Egyptian gods. I intended to do a ice Egyptian god/goddess but I thought that it’s Egypt & it’s hot, so I don’t think ice is good. So, I like water next to ice. I looked up Water Deities, went to the Egyptian section & I chose Sobek because it says that he’s the god of the Nile & crocodiles. So, I checked the Red Pyramid page to make sure that it wasn’t already used. Unfortunately, on the Red Pyramid page, it was already used. So, now I made my final decision & chose Hapy- who is also the God of the Nile River.
Originally, I looked up at the baby names website that I use (it’s not weird, I use it for name ideas) & I typed in Egyptian names (cuz the book is kinda based on Egyptian Mythology) & I picked a water-related name. I found the best one is Chione, but I thought it sounded kinda weird so I changed it to Chiona, but then it sounded weird again, & I chose Chione.
I used Paint to edit it a bit.
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