Project Bellerophon -EVE Ship Picture

Bellerophon Alpha
-> Codenamed Bellerophon

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present you... Bellerophon Alpha!

The Name: When thinking of what code name to put on that project, I made a quick walkthrough all the names of mythological heroes I could come up with. One was Bellerophon, the hero, who defeated Chimaera. So the name represents courage and celverness. Alpha became the other name for the final version, because it's the first letter in the greek alphabet, and is here for the first official version to be made.

Purpose and Aim: The ship is very agile due to the four engines it's having (more about them later). Enormous power available aims to people, who like to travel arround very fast and go for the errands, but still like their feeling of limitless freedom and feeling that they can go anytime anywhere. You don't look back, where you're coming from. You're on the adventure, you look where you're heading to.

Technical and Visual Design: If you already saw Eleria Postverta ([link]); you might recognize the engines. Actually, these engines are the next generation. Each of them has additional Splitter on the front of the axis, but they're a little smaller. Still, it's four of them, two on the each side, which makes the ship about 3.5-times as strong as Eleria, about 2-times better accelration, and about 1.3 of top speed on the local basis. While designing it, we had in mind the hotrod car. It's fast, it's pure power. You don't care if it's useful, safe... it's there to have a good time. Also, you never think why you have it. You just want one. And you never regret it.

It has 10 mounts for weapons on each of the hauls. They're slightly smaller than these on the Eleria Postverta ([link]); but it's still twice as much of them. Cargo space is quite small, but still big enough to put there most important things you want to take with. The ship is also highl customizable. You can tune pretty much anything, equip it with additional cargo space instead of weapons, or just decide to ride in style.

Markings on the Ship (Bottom Left Image):
1.) Mid Hull: That's where all the action happens. There's the Bridge and most of the rooms crew and passengers use in everyday lives.
2.) Reactors: That's the part of the engine which provides energy for the ship and makes the ship moving.
3.) Splitters: That part of the engine divides (splits) the dark matter to provide mass for the Reactors.
4.) Additional Mount: Here can you mount additional weapons or attach anything else suitable for there.
5.) Weapon mounts: You can attach many diffirent weapons on these. 10 for each side hull. Should be enough for some time...

That project is the second entry for the EVE Online contest. The first was Eleria Postverta (here: [link]), which I also mentioned in the text twice. Took me about 2 almost full days. The Eleria was maybe "warm up" again, because it's a looong time since I used SolidWorks before, and even that was for the school purposes (wait, no, entries for that contest are NOT for school purposes). It was fun, however.

Here's also full resolution image (again, I hope it's not agaisnt the rules), but watermarked:
I don't have colored piece yet (and maybe never will) because, preparing that would take eternity. Which is quite a long time.

I hope you like that piece. I've put a lot of effort in it, in fact.
Again, please, don't abuse that work. You wouldn't like somebody stealing and stuff your piece... just use it fair and enjoy in it. Comments, critiques and such is fairly welcome.
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