Creature: Alukah Picture

Creature profile: Alukah

The alukah is a Mesopotamian creature connected to the demons and the djinns, and connects creatures like aswangs (and therefore their cousins, the vampires and the succubi) to creatures like the chimera and the dragon. Alukah are blood-drinkers and men-eaters, although some are good.

I first wanted to draw a sexy female anthropomorfic chimera (part-lion, part-goat, part-dragon), but this cutie pie popped into my head while I was drawing her, and she looked so different from a chimera that I looked in the web for some magical creatures connected with succubi and vampires/werewolves, and the first it seemed about right was Alukah, some kind of Mesopotamian Jewish vampire or witch. So there, she's an alukah.

She still has some chimera-like looks, like the really long lion tail, the cat-like nose and the tongue.
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