Chimaeracon coverart final ver Picture

This is the finished version of the coverart for Chimaeracon's schedule booklet thingy. I managed to draw it, ink, scan, and "color" it, all within one night (the deadline was the next day, so I had to rush a little). It came out a bit better than the first version I did, but since I suck at fancy handwriting, I had to use some text graphics provided by Photoshop. There was a certain font I'd wanted to use, but someone had made it, and I didn't really wanna go through with the ordeal of asking his permission to use it. coulda been better, yes, but considering I did it within roughly six or seven hours, I'm pretty happy with the results...even if some people think it looks wrong.

By the way...there are several descriptions of a chimera, and they all state...THAT A CHIMERA IS A FEMALE. >> Which has been my major gripe when looking up reference pics to help get an idea for how to draw one... First sketch I did had a goat body, lion head, and snake tail. But that was "wrong" (look it up in the dictionary, it's not "wrong"). Second had a goat's head coming out of the center of the spine, a lion's body, and a snake tail (look it up on wikipedia). The Chimaeracon people wanted the second version, so, if ya have a problem with the "design", take it up with the dictionary, wikipedia, and the internet in general. Or mythology, if you have a time machine...

Yea, my biggest gripe is the conflicting descriptions, and how most chimaera pics are depicted as having male characteristics, instead of female.

((Chimaeracon is a gamer's convention held in San Antonio))
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