Chimaera Picture

A chimaera is a magical creature from Greek mythology. There are a few different versions of it, all of them fire breathing monsters with some lion body parts, some goat, and some snake or dragon.

This is my version of a chimaera. The first ones were created in a breeding experiment gone wrong. Somehow, a lion, a goat, and a dragon became this... monster. They went wild, they attacked humans, and soon they were driven into the wild, far from humans. A few started to live with lions, and changed from vicious, bloodthirsty killers to ordinary wild animals. But some remain with their own kind, still the monsters they always were...

They look like lions with goat's ears, horns and beards, and dragon's tails. Males have longer horns and beards, and females' and cubs' horns are short and strait.
[NEW] They can sometimes have dragon wings that dissapear when not in use, and they can also have different tails (the ones shown here are just the most common).

If you want to make your own chimaera using my design, just draw it and describe it, and if I approve of it you use it however you want as long as you always give me credit for the species.

I might also make some adoptable chimaeras, that I would draw and then you would have to draw your own version and describe it and the person who makes the best one would keep it. Again, you'd be able to do what you want with it as long as you give me credit.

chimaeras are (c) me.
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