0847 - TVR Orthrus Concept Picture


This was something quite interesting for me to do.
I love cars, especially TVR ; and at school I did a quick doodle in my workbook of a car that looked half TVR-inspired; I quite liked the idea so I decided I'd sometime get round to drawing it properly.

I draw a lot of cars; but I found out today that drawing a car that doesn't exist, properly (buy that I mean with the right angles, perspective, shape, proportion etc - the same quality as when you copy something that does exist) is muuuuuuch harder than just drawing a real car from a picture...

To do so I actually first sketched the outlines of real TVR's and then heavily changed them so they would look like my idea. The rear view was based on a Tuscan; the front on the Speed 12 and the side on a Sagaris (though thinking of it I think it would have looked better if I'd have based the side view on a Cerbera...too late now...)

I tried to make this "concept" car as near to TVR as I could; I wanted it to look like something that might actually be one; not just any car with TVR badged on it.
For that, I'm sure you can see that the style is heavily influenced by other TVR cars - which is normal as otherwise it wouldn't look lke one... I didn't want to outright copy their existing models though, so I made sufficient changes and much was copied straight from my original sketch.

Also to keep with TVR tradition, I wanted to find a name for it with a link to mythology; as some of their cars have been named after mythical creaures. I decided to call it the Orthrus; the two-headed wolf , as I find the car has more of a resemblance to the cerbera speed 12 than their other cars (Cerbera being the three headed dog)

Of course this sin't perfect, or the best idea for a concept car you'll have seen on this site; I just wanted to make a car that looked like it could have been a real TVR, and I'd like to know what you think of it
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