Simurgh Picture

Something non-Pokemon for once!

The Simurgh is a benevolent figure in ancient Persian, Mesopotamian, and Middle-Eastern mythology. Descriptions of it vary; some say it is a chimaera (mixed-feature monster) with the head of a dog, wings of a bird, and paws of a lion. Others say it is a great bird, as large as thirty birds and resplendent with thirty colors. I have chosen the former (and more common) description here.

Legends say that the Simurgh is a bringer of fertility and a purifier of water, and that it acts as a mediator between heaven and earth. Stories tell of it nesting in Gaokerena, the Tree of Life, which bears the seeds of all plants in existence, and that when the Simurgh first took flight from its branches, the beats of its wings caused the scattering and sowing of all the worlds flora. Ancient Iranian legends hold the Simurgh to be ageless, having seen the destruction of the world three times over, and the possessor of all the knowledge of time. The Simurgh is described in legend as female, and as part-mammal nurses her young.

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