orthrus and geryon Picture

25 AND 26/30 BEEEEEEOTCH. This is legal right? You know what screw it I'll make it legal.

I don't want to spam ya'lls inboxes with crappy pics so I drew these guys together. ALTHOUGH THEY LOOK DEEDEEDEE. Gawd I want to put a huge X through this picture.
ANywho. Geryon is the three-torso'd man and Orthrus is the two-headed doggy.
Geryon is a titan who herded a bunch of red cattle and Orthrus was his watchdog.. btw if you were wondering if there's a connection between Orthrus and Cerberus, there is. They're brothers. GO FIGURE.
An interesting thing about Orthrus though: Him and Echidne DID SOME THIIIIIINGS and had some neat children.. like the Chimaera (drawing this one last cause its my fav ;o), the Sphinx, the Nemean Lion, and the Lernean hydra. Geez wtf Orthrus I thought you were watching some cattle not doing some nagabitch.

And that is why he was killed. Okay, not really. Heracles (last time I'm talking about him, promise.) was supposed to go get the red cattle from Geryon for another one of his damn Twelve Labors. Well, he couldn't get past Orthrus and Geryon so he just killed them. What an ass.
Then he took the cattle back to Eurystheus. Now really Heracles WAS THAT REALLY NECESSARY? PSH.

Image and artwork © 2006 to *pandorabox

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