Khimaira Adoptables Picture

So I am trying to save up to move out in September so I thought I would give adoptables a try. I know they are pretty popular here on DA so let's see how I luck out in this business. Although money is preferred for obvious reasons I will also accept points. I worked really hard on these and I have to admit it was pretty fun.

*First come first serve*
*$10 US dollars or 800 Points
*Money payments handled through paypal.
* To buy please comment with the number you want. I will put your name on the list once payment is received.
*Please do not send money/points until I have confirmed you are the first to claim that number.
*I will send the winners a larger, transparent image of their Khimaira. If you can see any color bleeding out of the lines let me know so I can double check my work. Depending on the background color I can miss spots or not get close enough.

*You may use/alter your Khimaira as you please but do not claim the species as yours. You do not need to credit me every time you use your creature but directing those interested back to me would be greatly appreciated. You must credit me wherever you repost the original image of your creature.

*Not an open species
* These are all male Khimaira. If you wish to change the gender of yours I'll send you the information on how they are different.
*You may not resale your Khimaira.

2. SOLD to *Sorrel-Feather

So these guys are some of the creatures that I was trying to think of for the little world orbiting my mind. They are not a important part of my story so I have no problem with trying to sell some of these guys. The Khimairas were originally created as pets, specifically hybridized to replicate the mythological Chimera. It was decided to leave out the reptilian part of this combination to help it become more popular among the masses. They are about the size of an average leopard.

Khimaira/art (C) *Kit-Ryu

Oh my gawd what am I still doing up? I need to get up for work in two hours?! I'm going to die but I highly doubt I would have gotten any sleep anyway until I finally posted this.
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