N is for Nightmare 95 Picture

Back in college in 1995, we had to pick a subject for our Senior Project Thesis, and create five pieces to accompany it. I chose to do one of my very favorite subjects: mythological creatures! I had done an earlier project for a typography class featuring 26 creatures (see here: synnabar.critter.net/Pages....… ) but I'd always wanted to re-do it. Some, like the Dragon and Jaguar Man also in this gallery I chose to re-do, but I picked some different ones as well (Nightmare, Sekhmet and Cernunnos). I need to post those sometime, too; they're old, but are good examples of my own style and interests.

This is the final for the piece; it was painted in gouache on black illustration board. It was accompanied by and matted with a matching summary about nightmares, as well as an ornamental "N" with a mini nightmare in it; note the "N" in this sketch as well. Obviously I wasn't going for a true equine look here; the body is especially stylized, with some almost feminine curves to it. In the border are other favorites: the Chimaera, the Minotaur, and Cerberus.

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