Chimaera Picture

This piece is meant to be symbolic of something current in my life. The focus of this piece is less on my feelings and more of the feelings of someone else involved.

You know who you are. I'm sorry that you have to go through this. I hope everything works out in the end, and I hope you'll be alright.

Anyway, the reason this is titled "chimaera" (other than the fact I like spelling it that way rather than 'chimera', because I'm silly like that) is because I was inspired by the mythical creature of Greek mythology. The chimera was a creature formed of three different animals--a snake, a lion, and a she-goat. This chimera was formed from a fox, a dragon and a wolf.

The problem with this creature was that the three animals together were very unstable and the creature began to tear itself apart. The wolf and dragon were the cause of the instability. Their territorial natures led them to snarl and hiss at each other. They were not satisfied sharing the body of the fox with the other, and so they snarled and tore the entire trio apart. The fox is the one that's suffering the most, which is why its chest is open and its heart is raw and bleeding.

Anyway... I'm starting to enjoy working with marker on posterboard. It doesn't absorb the pigments so I can layer it like paint. In this case it worked well to create the colors of the fur of the creatures. I'm rather pleased with this drawing as a whole, despite there being some anatomical flaws. I didn't use a reference for them so yeah...not perfect, but I'm still happy with it. scanner washed out all the vividness of the colors. -_- It looks better in real life, I swear...

Drawn on tie-dye patterned posterboard, with Bic Mark-It permanent markers, some dried out generic markers, some galaxy markers (aka the best markers ever) and a white gel pen.
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