Panthera Leo Chimaera Picture

Full view is your lover. Scandalous!

Meet Panthera Leo Chimaera, popular name: Chimaera. least a portrait of him.
So. Let's begin with side-tracking, because I love to monologue. Gosh, this was fun! Dunno if I like it yet (I'll know after I let it incubate in my mind for a bit), but I thoroughly enjoyed making this piece. Senior year has decided me to attack me with an onslaught of work, and I hardly did any art all last semester. (I was starting to fear I might have forgotten how to. ;_; ) Even winter break was no period of relaxation, save my two-to-four hour sleep routine during the semester surrendered to a blissful nine hours a night. Once school resumed, I pondered the idea of efficiency, lest I might enjoy rest more often, but discarded the idea when I discovered I could use the ungodly hours of non-night-shouldn't-be-called morning for more than school work and written ramblings and idle times. Thus, my Chimaera was born.
Back to the drawing. I am not sure how long this took, but I do know I spent at least ten minutes staring at it before I garnered the nerve to shade in all that black, ha. This is my first time doing so, yes, I'm lame, and yes, I was a bit antsy at first to try. xD

But I think it worked out all right.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. I know I at least was enthralled with the process of making it.
EDIT: So I entered this into my school's art competition... (clueless fool that I am I wasn't even aware of the time of the presentation and thus wasn't present for the show). But yay, because my drawing received a perfect score from the judges. Alas, however, for it wasn't the only one, and hence got bumped to second. :\ Oh, well. I never saw the winning guess was it might have been a scribble portrait that I heard about of somebody famous...but I could be wrong.
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