Scyllan Picture

Based on the greek legend of Scylla, though for the sake of my sanity I only gave it three heads. I also made it more fishlike, replacing the dog bodies with something more seal-like, and webbing the hands and feet.
Species: Scyllan
Mythical Origin: Greek
Class: Feminoid Nymph/Cursed Body/Chimaerized Human
Alignment: Neutral Dark
Element: Water/Earth
Preferred Prey: Likely fish and cephalopod, sometimes men

The descendants of the cursed sea nymph Scylla, the Scyllans have three seal like bodies connected at the shoulders, and a female human upper body that houses the dominant portions of its mind. The Scyllans are technically neutral forces in Supernature, but often like to prey on human men that enter the water, but only those who display a strong affinity for aquatic life, such as sailors and swimmers. Converesely, they are often known to rescue men that are drowning, and completely ignore women in the water, whatever their intent may be. Scyllans love to play with children, and often let unsupervised children pet their 'dogs'. Scyllan all appear as female, but in reality are hermephroditic, fertilizing themselves at the age of thirty years.
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