Rwby Oc: Hahli Scylia Nepo Picture

My latest Rwby oc for the fanon, Hahli Scylia Nepo. She's a first year who fits a cqc mage style.

Hahli isn't the typical girly girl from a rich family, she has a crave for battle and, though she can seem innocent, she can be quite menacing on a daily basis. In battle she wields her dust revolver her Charybdis and Monster's Wrath, which is a set of two rings and two bracelets that allow her to create strong 6 ft water whips. Her character along with various other things alludes to Scylla, the monster from Greek mythology.

I will say, though it's not by very first, that Hahli is the first female i've drawn with my SAI program and with some help of a local fanon artist helped me get the body and physique right.

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