Tintin and the Clash of the Titans Picture

This is my fanfic centered around Greek mythology

The main cast is
Tintin and Snowy
Captain Haddock
Hercule Poirot
A friendly nymph
Lupin the 3rd
Inspector Zenigata
and the villain Pandarus

It starts when Tintin is requested by millionaire game designer Pandarus in Greece to solve an ancient puzzle box in return for a huge cash reward, Lupin the 3rd is also invited by Pandarus to solve it to (they get the summons because they got the highest scores on a computer game)

When Hercule Poirot ends up being the one to solve the puzzle, it revels a strange looking key, and then Tintin discovers that Pandares is keeping captive a pegasus, and he has an amry of satyrs as spies, and our heroes even encounter the sexy and formidable socceress Circe, who turns Tintin into a pig, but returns him to normal in exchange for the legendary golden apples, but this turns out to be a rouge, so then our heroes need to find an amulet called the Eye of Medusa, which can destroy Pandora's box, which Pandarus plans to use to take over the world (Pandarus is actually a descendant of Pandora)

Thankfully they have the help of some nymphs, a good natured centaur who's the grandson of Chiron, and help from Pegasus, but will that really be enough, and in this story Tintin finds out that he was an ancient Greek oracle in a past life

This story gots everything from
The Chimera
A Minotaur
A Cyclops
Scylla and Charybdis
The Hydra
and many more

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