OrangeD: Greek Myths Picture

EDIT: Just a name change, Amphicephaloid is now the Gastrowyvern.

If you saw my recent journal listing of Cauldron to-do list, you may remeber me saying that this was going to be aboriginal myths, but that backfired when most of the myths I was going to use were African. Fail on my part. So instead I chose some lesser known Greek myths, the Telkhines, the Amphisbaena, Scylla and Geryon.
The Shemonster wasn't originally intended as a feminine demon type of thinf, but started looking like it while I was drawing it, so I continued with that and decided to make it a counterpart for the Cieling Cat.
And a Cauldron Fun Fact: Most of the finished designs for creatures are the first designs they were given, or strongly resemble them, but the Iron Mermaid is unique in that I went through six iterations of the design before settling on the one you see here.
It's also somewhat of a counterpart to the Void worm, one being based on Scylla and the other Charybdis.
Oh, and guess what? The whole grid is filled out, so we might be able to do something with #CauldronGSI soon!
Gastrowyvern: A two-headed reptilian creature, with a somewhat off putting method of attack. Only one end of the creature is capble of eating, and so the digestive tract runs through the body to the other head, which fires the creature's waste as an effective if disturbing defense. Equally capable of flight or burrowing, it is an excellent partner for those with a high tolerance for smell.

Shemonster: A very feminine creature with both nymph-like and beast-like qualities, eqquipped for an amphibious lifestyle. The webbing between both its fingers and toes allows it to manuever beneath the water with ease while not restricting the damaging potential of the claws. More closely mammalian than anything else, the Shemonster does require air and is incapable of breathing water. It displays many traits common in dogs, such as a fascination with its own tail.

Iron Mermaid: A nymph-like creature with a somewhat alien body structure, having a featureless upper torso and a face with only eyes, but three gaping mouths around its waste and hips. The positioning of these mouths in combination with the sophisticated jaw structure allows the lower portion of the creature to open up and stretch two-and-a-half times its original size.

Conjoined Batmen: The Batmen are a strange species of monster, always born with strange defects, such as asymmetrical musculature, but have developed an even stranger method of combating this weakness. If three compatible individuals meet, one with a powerful left side, on with right, and one with elevated intelligence, the middle creature will secrete a melting and bonding enzyme, causing the three creatures to become one. The middle creature does much of the thinking, and relays commands from one side to the other, while the other two bodies flap their respective wings to maintain a surprisingly graceful flight.
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