Ummidia Ref Picture


Been wanting to make a Nocturnus clan echidna for a while. This is my rough design of her and her son. Outfit may change. I didn't wanna make it too complicated. I think it's too complicated. I like the boots a lot though. And the body-piece.
Her name is Roman. So is her kid's name, Basil.

I see the Nocturnus clan as kinda Roman/Greek-esque. Scylla and Charybdis are monsters in Greek mythology, and the different ranks of Nocturnus echidnas are named after Roman officer statuses. I mean frick Nestor the Wise IS NESTOR. FROM THE TROJAN WAR. But I digress.

I also see Nocturnus society being heavily militaristic- like the Romans. I mean gawd they had to be to keep up with Pachy's tribe, and their world conquest and whatnot.. it only makes sense. So the way I see it, boys leave home at a very young age (about 7) to be trained until they're about 20, then they basically serve in the military until they are injured or die. That's what the Spartans did hehehe..

That leaves the women (or most of them, anyways, since Shade was apparently their best soldier) as housewives, because they probably had some female soldiers, but SOMEONE has to be at home raising children and growing the crops.. which I have no idea how they sustained themselves in a BLACKHOLE vacuum dimension for 4000 years with no sunlight but that wouldn't be convenient to the plot now would it. Maybe their "technological advancement" made it possible to eat rocks or something.

Ummie lived with her Uncle Nestor maybe 0-0 yeah maybe Nestor is her Uncle. After Nestor was exiled, she was forced onto the streets. So, anyways. Ummie fell in love with this guy, nice soldier man with a steady job and promises to take her out of poverty. she gets pregnant, but the guy disappears... was he killed? did he ditch her? I dunno, no one knows, it's 1am in the morning gahhhh

She can't hold a job, because she's got a bit of a temper and loses her cool a lot. It kinda put her on a blacklist. But she's got a baby on the way and she's desperate, she results to the black market for help. Black market tells her she can get a steady source of income from doing illegal shiz IDFK I'm coming up with this on the top of my head and I'll make up the rest later.

So she do what she do and has babby, she names him Basil. Ignore my comma splices.

She LOVES Basil. They live a relatively happy life. And they do stuff.

I tried to make her outfit "ancient" and "sci-fi" transition, like it's before they got super techy. I think the headband thing is kinda like staple for all Nocturnus. If you don't wear them, then you must not call yourself a Nocturnus. They have like persecution complexes or something. Like Romans. Yeh. She just wears a body-piece with a cloak. Why is it uneven? maybe she found it tattered on the street. I dunno. It seemed like a good idea at the time. why boots glow? I like it.

and yes speckled echidnas make me happy
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