All Hail the Empress Picture

I'd been hinting at it to some of you for a while, but Solar, Charybdis and Norm are all not the true leader of the team in Solar Stryke-R, it happens to be another character with a name rooted in mythology...
Empress Scylla.
Scylla is the one in charge of the group, directly giving Charybdis orders that he then relays to the group to carry out. She's far from a detached, distant leader though, she's often MORE of a threat than the other team members, but due to her tactical importance to the group she stays back at the base fairly frequently. The small drones are directly controlled by her, they have their own minds and will but can be telepathically ordered to do things by her. She's incredibly calm, personality-wise and could honestly care less about what people think of her, so long as they follow orders. If someone were to theoretically stop following orders, let's just say that she could make it so that they'd be lucky to put together a cohesive thought or lift a finger thanks to her strength in both close combat and telepathy.

(So the symbol on Charybdis' shoulder is finally explained, it's her insignia. See? All starting to come together now if you look at this picture here?:… )

This was also one of the pieces showcased early at the Kelowna Anime and Comic Fest!
Just another reason you should all come here next year!
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