Ahul, Wendigo King Picture

Sorry that the flow of updates has been less steady. The looming Grim College Reaper is sort of rocking my metaphorical boat. Tomorrow is the last day of my current status quo.

But enough of my life. You want to know about Ahul here. In the non-cannon Tyrantis stop motion flick I made a few years back, Ahul was called "Wendigo." Now, Ahul doesn't really fit the description of the mythological Wendigo, which was generally a sasquatch-like man-eating monster that was the result of human cannibalism. When bringing Ahul into cannon, I was unable to give him his original name because, well, I had plans for a more mythologically accurate wendigo.

Thus I had a dilema. What did I call my flying, Native American pterodactly monster? I did some research, found a vague Native American sky god named Ahul, and voila! But Ahul, while suitably guttoral, wasn't nearly as cool as Wendigo. How was I to rectify this?

Why, by making old Ahul the source of the plague that turns men into Wendigos, of course! Thus he became Ahul, Wendigo King.

Ahul, while violent and cruel by nature, is not a truly malevolent being. He is simply a force of nature. A destructive force of nature, true, but a force of nature none the less.

Oh, wacky side note: Ahul's wings were originally bat-like, with four webbed fingers and whatnot. When I made the second Ahul stop motion model (I promise I'll post pictures of him soon), I gave him more accurate wings. I didn't do it with accuracy as my intent; I did it because it was easier. Therefore Ahul is now a slightly more accurate monster.

Charybdis next, followed by, oh, maybe five more, and after that I'm done with daikaiju for a while. I swear.


Well, at least done with drawing daikaiju.
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