War Angel - Terror from Beneath the Sand Picture

I used this pic for a design class project a few weeks ago, after which I scanned it onto my computer and photoshopped it. It's another pic featuring my OC, Scarlette (aka War Angel. You may want to get used to this kind of thing. Despite my username being 'LinkStar-Number1' (for good reason mind you. I am a Link and Starfire shipper), I also have a fondness for my OC here, despite the fact that I pair her with Robin in Titan Legends), but this time it's a scene from her own series; one depicting an encounter upon the Island of Nightmares.

The monster depicted here is a Charybdis, a monster in Greek mythology said to create giant whirlpools to drag passing ships into it's gaping maw. However, this Charybdis lives in the sand, similar to the sarlacc from Star Wars. It waits beneath the sand until something passes over it (in this case, our young heroine) and then emerges like an ant lion. Fortunately, there was a tree nearby, so Scarles was able to snag a branch with her sword and is now hanging for her life. Apparently she wasn't the first one to hang from that tree, cause the previous guy carved a message into the branch (I put that there for lols), but as hinted by the end of the message, he didn't make it. Of course, even if Scarlette does fall into the monster's stomach, with her kind of powers you can be sure as hell that she won't be staying there long!

The scariest part is that in mythology, the Charybdis was once a woman, but cursed into a monster by Zeus (well, that's one version of it anyway). That was the sea-dwelling one though, but considering that the Island of Nightmares is overflowing with evil power, this Charybdis could've very well been human once; one of the poor souls that ended up on the cursed island. The Island of Nightmares itself is the remnant of the battleground between Zeus and the Malevolence (an evil born from the Great War in this series. It does not appear in actual Greek Mythology) near the end of the Great War, and it was cleaved in half, with half of it buried beneath the battleground and the other half imprisoned... somewhere else (maybe the Pits of Tartarus?). The power of the Malevolence that leaks out from it's seal affects mortals in terrible ways, namely turning them into monsters. Only 'special' individuals like demigods (such as Scarlette) can survive on the island without turning into monsters, and even then they'd still have to survive.

Now this is only one of four pics I have drawn of Scarlette fighting the Sand Charybdis, with this being the first. The other three are much more graphic, with her using her swords to rip the monster apart. They'll definitely need mature content tags, but I haven't photoshopped them yet, so it may be awhile before they're up here.

EDIT: The second pic is now up. Here it is:
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