specific dragon: Scylla Picture

scylla is another drakaina from greek mythology. however, she started out as a naiad, a greek water nymph or nature spirit. there are many versions of her transformation, but all include a god falling in love with her and a goddess who was in love with the god or even married to him turned jealous. by poisoning a spring that scylla bathed in, she turned into a fearsome sea monster. most versions away she has 6 heads on long necks with three rows of sharp teeth and four eyes on each head (if you look closely, the extra ones are small and red). she gained the lower half of a serpent with twelve tentacle legs and six dog heads growing from around her waist and a cat's tail. other versions describe her as having different animal heads and her name implied other anatomical features (scylla=hermit crab, shark-dog). she also barks like a dog and made her home on a narrow channel between Italy and Sicily on one side at a cave. the other side had Charybdis.

in homer's odyssey, as Odysseus was passing through the channel, an enchantress named Circe advised Odysseus to sail to scylla rather than Charybdis so that only six of his men will be sacrificed for each of scylla's heads, in which he did. in another tale, Hercules killed her on his way to sicily
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