Charybdis Pass Picture

Ah, this...
I made this the first time I read a certain section of the Oddysey, about Ulysses, or Odysseus or whoever, who sails with his crew through the sea route that happens to contain that horrible freakness named Scylla, with the ten heads and the dog-fish body and stuff. She's on one side and Charybdis the Maelstrom is on the other; she is some sea monster that gulps up water, spits it back out, and eats travelers inbetween. Odysseus and his crew get attacked by Scylla, but they avoid Charybdis's grasp in the process- sadly, because Odysseus or whoever chose to go there in the first place, six of his men were killed and eaten by Scylla!
This is what I imagine the pass to look like. It's daylight (I don't think they would've gone through at night), but it still has a dark, gloomy, kind of foreboding feel with the sky. Hmm... Scylla or Charybdis?! I guess I'd rather go through charybdis (sounds cooler).
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