Scylla and Charybdis Picture

Based on another story of Odysseus' adventure, it is the encounter between Scylla and Charybdis (Hom. Od. 234-59). This is one of three typographies made for my digital project in Mythology (CLAN1001) at UWA.

Brief summation of the story :
As Odysseus and his men continue on their journey, they find themselves having to pass through a narrow straight. Each side, however, is guarded by destruction. On one side, the sea monster Charybdis, often depicted as a giant whirlpool, who threatens to swallow the ship whole. On the other side, the multi-headed, tentacle-legged, man-devouring monster known as Scylla. So as to not completely destroy their journey, they avoid Charybdis, but as a result Scylla scoops up six of the strongest men aboard the ship and devours them whole as they shriek in agony. Unfortunately all Odysseus can do is watch and sail on.
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