Charybdis the Sea Monster Picture

A close friend of Scylla, she was even more menacing, as she could swallow large amounts of sea water destroying any ship that was unfortunate enough to get close.

I made her immobile organism for two (three?) reasons. First she was daughter of Poseidon (Sea god) and Gaia (Earth goddess). Therefore one half of her body is in the sea and one is rooted in the earth. Second reason is that with her titanic apetite she would probably roam seas like some ancient Kaiju eating whatever she could find. The fact that she was at one place all the time could indicate that she cannot move freely... and she can also feed draining nutrition from earth, in case of my interpretation. (Third reason is that sea is home to various cool immobile organisms lol)

Anyway, the smaller drawing portrays her in her youth, when her larval form could swim freely. (and munch on whales etc)

Those of you who remember my oldest works might see a similarity to something. In fact, you are right.… I really like some of my old ideas. But I don;t have the time to redraw them... so I try to incorporate them in some way if I can!
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