Changing Fate Picture

[This is the original. If anyone else has it and are posting it on FB and claiming it as theirs, they are a liar and should take it down.]

There is blood but I don't think it's enough for mature content. (And it's rather shitty to me so.)

This is an OC Lucifer. Probably post-second Rebellion Lucifer? Or post-Rebellion?

His name is Libero and he has a child named Ceyx, whom goes by Cain. He is sort of mine and he also sort of belongs to a friend on FB, whom I call Lin or Linny at times. 8D His story is as follows:

God and Lucifer had a rather wonderful father and son relationship but over time, God had started started to fall. He become merciless and genocidal. Lucifer withdrew from God and turned away when he realized God was too blind to see what was going on and how he was effecting Heaven. This fall of God's also made him tyrannic. Having enough of how God was treating the Angels and even the humans, Adam and Eve, Lucifer went about helping Adam and Eve by getting them to eat the Fruit of Knowledge and he fought against God's tyranny and those who stood up for God but what he was doing ended up being in vain as he ended up being cast out of Heaven.

In Roman Mythology, there is a minor god of the morning star that goes by the name of Lucifer whose son is Ceyx. (The Greek morning star was Phosphorus/Eosphorus). That's where the son thing comes from.

This took 66ish layers on SAI and then I added lyrics via GIMP. The lyrics are from I Don't Wanna by Within Temptation though I did edit them a little bit.
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