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Minerve is the first wife of Obryssus, she got the Reines Coral Dress.

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The 6 wifes of Obryssus

His 6 wifes, are Minerve, Danem, Kanae, Ceyx, Numey, and Kyrine. They are ” Reines “, mythological womens who can live in underwater. They birth from the love of Valeria and the aquatic god Nero. They got psychic methamorphose-likes powers and sound powers. They most live on the Shores were there is a coral shield. They are, apparently at the number of 70. Their unofficial leader are Minerve. Some of them only kill them for fun. Apparently, when their finally adult ( 16 years ), they need to kill one of their sisters.

The difference between the Reines & the greek sirens, is that the Reines don’t transforming in a demi-fish woman, she still got legs, but her strange is more powerful, and they can take with them mens to kill them.

They kill mens with the poisoned fangs they got when they are in the water, the mentioned poison, is destroying the victim from inside, until he dies. Certain of the Reines, are the cause of most importants part of Tremor’s History.

The myths about them said that when they appears to humans out of the water, they are lapping a underwater bull.

A new war against Obryssus

Minerve, Kanae, Ceyx, Numey and Kyrine appears as Obryssus’ wifes but also Obryssus’ servants, who protecting the seven Coral Temples.

Minerve facing Erika when she discovers her on the Underwater’s Road, they fighting but Erika finally wins.

Kanae and Ceyx fighting Makoto & Hakoto, but the 2 mens being controlled by the Reines’ psychic powers and being unconscious. They finally wake up and beating Kanae & Ceyx.

Numey & Kyrine finally fighting Shade & Io, who is beaten and sended to Obryssus Temple.

The 6 Reines, finally reappeared at the Obryssus Temple, after they discovers that Obryssus has never really wake up from his eternal sleep (……………..). They protect Erika and the others when they reaching the Coral’s Graves where Callista is confined.

They finally confine with their power the Obryssus’ soul, in the Lygua’s Anchora.

The success to leave the Underwater Fortress, after the emprisonment of Obryssus’ Soul.

So, the “(…………………)” it’s for suspens, you can only know what they discovers when I will submit the chapter who mention this passage, I want to save all of suspens !

All questions about Reines is acceptable and will be answered.

PS : The speaking of the Reines’ name, and in different speaking.

Reines : Ré-ï-nès

Minerve : (FR) Minerve ; (ENG) Minerva ; (ESP) Mynerva

Kanae : (FR) Kanae ; (ENG) Kana ; (ESP) Kaïnae

Ceyx : (FR) Ceyx ; (ENG) Ceix ; (ESP) Cheyx

Numey : (FR) Numey ; (ENG/ESP) Numei

Kyrine : (FR) Kyrine ; (ENG) Kiryne ; (ESP) Keirine


I’m going to finish minerve in her Armor version, do you want I submit it with a headshot of non-armored version ?


I’ve write this in my private blog but I think you need to know so there is it :

The name of Obryssus’ Warriors is ” Tritons “, their armors are called ” Triton’s Skin “, it’s made of Onis, a underwater resistant diamond.

The armors of the Obryssus’ wifes is called ” Reines’ Dress “

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