#013 TRUICESS Picture

Type: Ice/ Flying


Snow Cloak / Refrigerate

evolutionary line:

Ityity-> lv 18 Pokémon with the egg group flying on the team (female) -> Truicess -> lv 36 -> ???


Truicess, the faithful Pokémon. They are found for bathing in rivers, but always close to your partner. They can remain with him throughout his life. Truicess evolve Ity-ity females only and acquire the ice kind at this stage. Their blue feathers are covered by a thin, invisible layer of ice in the light of the sun or even the moonlight, their feathers shine reflecting the rays arising from these stars. Many Pokémon are attracted to and fall in love for its beauty, but she is always faithful to your partner. Truicess tend to be loving with their coaches.

base Mythological:

Truicess was inspired by the essence of Hera goddess of marriage and each of its forms takes one of his moods. However the real basis of this Pokémon is the myth of "Ice Birds" and the myth of "Ceyx and Alcyone." The myth of "Ice Birds" refers to the Alcyonides, the seven giant daughters Alcyoneus, killed by Heracles. After the news of his father's death, they threw themselves into the sea and were transformed into the goddess Amphitrite Martins. The second myth, called "Ceyx and Alcyone," comes to love this couple. Ceyx was a mortal browser married to immortal Alcyone. Ceyx drowned, but before that he asked Poseidon the waves take him his body to his beloved. After seeing the lifeless body of her lover she threw herself off a cliff to the sea. Hera, shaken by the event transformed Alcyone in waterfowl. Alcyone pulled its beak in Ceyx body and he came to life, also in the form of bird. A curiosity is that in some cultures, the name "kingfisher" literally means "ice bird." Other: A scientific genre of "kingfisher" who lives in the icy region of Europe is called "Alcedo", a synthesis, in honor of these various Greco-Roman myths.
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