Halcyone Picture

If you know anything about me you should know that I love myths and fairy tales. To me they are truths from another time. One of my favorite books is "Myths from Around the World" by Jean Lang. It's kind of a condensed book with some very important stories from around the world, though the majority of them are Greek. Every time I read these stories I get the itch to illustrate.

Not sure how well I did, but here's another speed painting.

I'll briefly summarize: Halcyone was married to Ceyx, son of the Day Star Hesperus. Ceyx had to leave to consult the oracle of Apollo at Claros, in Iona, but Halcyone had premonitions about his voyage and begged him not to go. Halcyone kept vigil for her husband, hardly leaving the seaside. A great storm came and Ceyx and his ship were lost to the sea, yet as Ceyx perished he prayed that so peace might come to his wife that the gods would bring his body back to her. Taking pity of Halcyone the gods interceded and sent Morpheus to appear as Ceyx in a dream to tell her of his fate. Halcyone did not believe the dream until as she stared at the shore she saw her beloved husband's body floating towards her. She ran out onto the pier, but still she could not reach him. She prayed to the gods one last time to let her go to her husband, and they granted her wings. The Halcyone bird flew to the body, and his should was able to leave his body and join her.

Here is Halcyone protecting her husbands body. Some scholars believe the Halcyone bird to be a kingfisher found in Greece, others describe it as a great white sea bird. I chose a kingfisher because its has Halcyon right in its scientific name.

I hope you enjoy! I'm still trying very hard to become a better painter. Any tips/tricks/tutorials would be appreciated.

Image (c) Rebekah (Wicklund) Byland, 2012. Do not use without permission.
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