Halcyone Ornament Picture

Some photo turn-arounds of the actual ornament! More info is on the auction post, only a couple of days left! www.furaffinity.net/view/18989…

Character Background:
It is not uncommon for Shisa residing in solely in the spirit world to take on characteristics of the first piece of the physical world which they touch. The energies of something as humble as a creek or stone can instantly mold the very appearance, personality, and name of a Shisa. When those natural occurrences have something as powerful as a myth or name attached to them, the Shisa's story tends to parallel that story. These two colorful Shisa had taken on the mythology of Halcyone and Ceyx when the beauty of the stars moved them closer to the wonder of nebulas. The myths attributed to the stars influenced their physical form. Just as in the myth, despite her anxiety surrounding his leaving, Ceyx goes on a journey and dies while he is away. In the story of these two Shisa, the heavy grief is overcome by the power of their love when Halcyone travels back to the spirit world to bring her lover back. The price both pay is that their physical bodies were no longer intact, by no means should they have been allowed to come back. Yet in a twist of fate, they're allowed to re-enter the physical world as Kingfisher birds. While most Shisa relish a good battle, having gone through such a painful loss, these two bring peace and rest wherever they travel.

Shisa Ornament Info
Each Shisa measures about 2 inches tall and 2 inches wide. From sculpting, to casting, to hand painting, these pendants are all done by my own hand, so you can be sure that much love is poured into each of these unique critters. They're cast in a sturdy resin which is then hand painted in acrylic and pastel. Afterwords, they're sealed in a protective varnish and a ribbon best matching their colors is added for easy hanging, hopefully in a place where they they can be good guardian critters!

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