Ceyx and Alcyone .:part 2:. Picture

100 Theme Challenge
96. In the Storm
PART 2 of 5 (Pictures Based on Greek Mythology)
That night a great storm broke. The crew was terrified, but Ceyx was happy and at peace, knowing that his beloved Alcyone was safe on shore. The boat sank and all were drowned. As the waters closed over Ceyx, the word "Alcyone" was on his lips.

Part 1: [link]

Once again with the lines X_x oui
Anyway, I really didn't like this part too much. Considering all I could remember at the time was he died in the storm.. I could've done so much more had I remembered the part where he whispered her name. Mew....
Anyway, flower symbolism again *points at bottom left square* The flower is being torn apart, thus representing the Death of Ceyx. In the one next to it, I tried to shift the waves to look kinda like a old man with big nose and really shaggy shaggy hair.. you can only really see his nose though >>...
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