More Hounds Picture

Now listen here; it's time for a (sorta) history lesson from Baka to explain this picture!!

Baka: Thank you, Tippy. Hi all, I'm Baka. As you may or may not know, my original species was dog demon, which later escalated to one huge mix breed.
However, one thing hasn't changed; my love for my canine brethren. Of course I don't like how we're commonly associated with the underworld and such; it's rumored because of our scavenging habits...
The green hound is called a Cu Sith (Pronounce Koo-She) which is scottish and translated to directly mean 'Fairy Dog'. Most notable for its green fur, which is in contrast to the usual dark-eared scottish dogs of folklore; and the best assassins because they're very stealthful! However, they are prone to barking three times before a hunt; to warn people to hide and lock themselves away because Cu Siths are also quite excelled in kidnapping people (Women especially I've been told) to take care of the fairy children of the hills.
The appearance was as Tippy painted it, I guess; about calf sized green dog with red eyes and a braided tail. Cu Sith's are usually the types of hound I summon, though I can summon all kinds...
The second dog is a bit harder to find, and goes by Garm. Now Garm is closely relatable to Fenrir; in my oppinion one of the strongest of the hell hounds as I call them. He is also refferenced with Cerberus, the three headed greek guardian dog of hell; and even Orthros, the two headed roman guardian dog of hell.
But Garm is the norse dog; guardian of the underworld from living souls not destined to walk down its trails. It's rumored that a particular sort of treat can appease the beast.
He's destined to fight in Ragnarok; the norse end of the world religously believed to be a fight between the titans and the gods. So Garmr is considered a titan; and in the end is killed by Tiyr, norse god of war whom dies later by the wounds Garm inflicted upon him.
Garm is basically a dark furred canine with four golden eyes and what looks to be blood forever mixed into his coat... I summon Garm because unlike with Orthros or Fenrir I'm actually on good terms with this hound; so he won't eat me soon after being conjured from his sentry...
These are my prefferences; though there is one other type of hound that I typically use in subsitution if need be; though only at night.
These are the black dogs; greatly sized phantoms of the british mythology. Of course their appearance generally means death; so there's a lot of conditions to have them show up; though they're practically invinsible and tend to be quite malevolent... Anyhoo, I'll only answer more if anyone asks me about it; until then.. Applaud for the painting of a Cu Sith and Garm!! Wooo!! ^^
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