Perikles Picture

Meh. This is part of an art project I had to do. Actually, it was my final visual art project for my art class. I was given an assignment to do a project that represented Neoclassic art.

I chose to paint a bust of Perikles (I am happy about how it came out) on a styrofoam disk covered in plaster proped up by a plaster arm (my arm...OMG I was attacked by ants while making it! More later on that.) It's situated on a wooden cutting board, also covered in plaster, along with another painting of Cerberus representing the mythological aspect of Neoclassic art and the revisiting of Greek and Roman culture...but I didn't get a good photo of that yet. *not to pleased with the three headed dog*

The only sculpture in a class of callages. I wore my self out working on it. Never wait till the last minute to do big projects...especially in collage. *dies*

The arm that holds up the portrait was so evil to create. I had no clay to make a mold of my arm so I dug a hole on the hill in my backyard(dirt, weeds, bugs...ant hill @[email protected]) And poured plaster in it then stuck my arm in it till it cured so I had a half mold of my arm. During the curing period I was attacked by ants. Apparently I pissed the whole kit and kaboodle of them. I was screaming like a maniac for my mom to bring a can of bug spray. X_X.

Eventually, I smeared Vasaline all over the mold (and Crisco when I ran out of that..) to pout the top half of the mold. And when I first tried to fill the mold, I hadn't wired it tight enough and all the wet plaster dumped out into my lap. ut obvioulsy I finnished it.

Why do I have to deal with such evil projects?

Acrylic paint

Next to come:

The Alien who has yet to be destoyed!!!
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