I Can Dim the Lights Picture

DAY 4!

Aren't yall excited? Getting half finished cropped paintings? lol

But it totally takes more than a day to finish these things and I haven't had the time to get ahead or anything on these drawings. Besides I like the only having the constraints of the time I have that day kinda thing.

This one has also been hanging out in my folders for a while now. I think at one point I had started posting progressions of this on my blog, and if you are brave enough to go find them you'll notice that there is a good nother half of this drawing that I've cropped out up at the top. But here we are.

Batman can not save you from my croppings. Now matter what T-shirt you are wearing.

Orthrus looks to precious when he's sleeping :3 For those who don't know those metal plates that are on his torso are actually fused into his spine. THough quiet a few of them have been ripped off by his brother. Can't you feel the family love?

Even though he is a really nice guy, like all of my characters he has mental problems too. (yay problems!!!) He has multipul personalities. Well two to be exact. One is really nice and sweet and the other is homicidal and a down right dick. Though technically it's not really a mental disorder with him. In mythology Orthrus is a two headed dog (brother of Cerberus) so his personality split in human form comes litterally from his two different minds.

Don't you just love the lessons I am giving you on my characters?????

I bet you do. You love it to pieces.

Orthrus is originally from 12 Past, but I have been using him in the BDA RP.

Copyright: Noblae
Corel Painter X Acrylic Dry Brushes

Are you liking how all of these are titles with song lyrics? I totally am!

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