Sketchdump 7-6-2011 A Picture

The first of two for today.

Starting off with the starters for a Fakemon dex I'm making. Complete with a few of the dex entries I've thought up.

The water starter is Pupfin (water) -> Fenrark (water/dark) -> Charberus (water/dark). Based off sharks and Cerberus/Fenrir/various hellhounds from mythology. Each evolution gains a new head. Haven't quite decided what Charberus looks like.
The fire starter is Arakindlin (fire/bug) -> Sparknid (fire/bug) -> Embrantula (fire/bug) (which I may change now that Galvantula has been named). Based on the idea of striking flint and steel to get sparks and fire. Each evolution gets fiery-er and spikier.
The grass starter is Leafling (grass) -> Fledgerush (grass/flying) -> Terroroot (grass/flying). Based on the terrorbird.

Then we've got my PKMN Black trainer character, Ramsey. Some design details on him as well.

And finally we have a glimpse inside Legendary Costume Shop from my story of the same name. The background is based on the costume shop I used to work in (complete with wall of ties). Featuring the main character of the story, Daniel, in the foreground, and his boss, Mr. Connell Russett, in the background in one of his un-glamour obscured forms.
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