The Ars Goetia 01 Picture

Yes, big file...forgive.

Anyways, yes...for those of you following Insaneography, you may, or may not, have seen Leraje, as well as Verin (Verrine). Well, these three are in relation to them, in the sense that they're also dwellers of Hell.

I've been giving this some thought lately, and there might possibly be a writing project ahead of me, for your enjoyment, of course. Revolving around 'The Lesser Key of Solomon' (yes, these guys are part of religion), and the 72 demons that govern Hell (although not very many are actually evil).

The story, it's sort of like Insaneography, only they deal with 'necessary evil' on Earth (like the angels are govern all things holy). This, of a giant project. |D;;; So expect more Ars Goetia characters, and possibly even a story.


So, I introduce to you; Focalor (a griffin) and Volac (speaks dragon as well as being able to lull/soothe them). Naberius, also known as Cerberus in Greek mythology, but is depicted as a crow, much like Caim (another Goetia character, who is most commonly known as 'Cain' ).

I'm not giving much away right now, but this is turning out to be quite the plot. Which, ultimately links in with Insaneography, thanks to Leraje. So a story inside a story! x_x -ded-


Focalor, Volac, & Naberius © me (no stealing, thanks)
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