Abraxsis Picture

Meet Abraxsis, she was an innocent girl, full of life and wore bright colours ... until she realized her life was a lie, she had been cursed with her fathers genes of a dark angel and it's her destiny to reap souls of the living which have ended off their supposed time, whether their deaths are too early or too late, it's her job to kill them and claim their souls, she has taken up of her normal lifestyle to a gothic lifestyle.
She doesn't talk to anyone any more, she doesn't allow them into her house, because her home is full of charms and enchantments and also she has unusual pets that would be considered mythology, her favourite is her guard dog, Cerberus, the three headed dog that guarded hell itself, all these mythological creatures come from her father as apology gifts.
She may not like what she has to do but she loves that it has made her more pretty than usual.

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