Star Wars OC: Charon Picture

Charon is, in fact, named after the Charon of Greek Mythology, the man who ferried souls to the Underworld. This is his nickname however, and his true name is not known. It is said that those who discover his true name die strange, unexplained deaths.
Which probably means he kills them.
He is a devious being, soulless, with a primal urge for slaughter. It is suspected he is at least SOMEWHAT organic, suggested by the fact that his face is wrapped in bandages.
He carries a unique Plasma Sword, that looks sort of like a cross between a lightsaber and a katana. He also carries a unique gun which he has christened 'Cerberus'. The gun model is an unreleased prototype gun known as a G-71h Lasershot. He is also able to tear flesh with his sharp claws.
He serves the Sith more or less as both an Assassin and a regular Soldier.
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