Yo- Picture

Hahah, I decided to make a picture of what I usually look like at school XD...
Plus a scarf.
Ah, your wondering whats that weird thing in the corner? Thats a necklace I will usually wear XD Its of a greek mythology creature called "Cerberus" and if you don't know it, look it up. Cause Cerberus has always been my favorite lol.
And if you look at Vincent Valentines gunnnn~.... Errrr, its the charm coming off his gunCerberus. XD
Though my mom misplaced it and now I'm upset, because thats my good luck charm D<
And since I'm retaking a big test on monday/tuesday, I'm now officially nervous as hell. And if I don't find it I know I will screw the test up ><;; Arg! I need to find the gosh darn necklace!!
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