Hades, "Guardian of Death" Picture

Okay. Lemme show you my beloved Hades. This is my own perception of Hades. First draft. Most of my friends tell me he looks like a girl, but I don't care. He's a man actually. Like those teenage guys. Well, it is up to you.

SHORT BACKGROUND: Most of you knew him as the "God of Death" in the common Greek Mythology, but in my story, you are wrong. He's actually a character in "our" upcoming story ("Kill Eden" is the general title, but I won't spoil everything now!) where he is an elder. Elder is very different from Gods. He is an elder. Again. For humans, we call him god, but to be clear, he is not.

SHORT BIO: He is known to be the "Guardian of Death," the underworld being named after him. He was the king there, living with his wife Persephone, together with his loyal servant Charon, and faithful companion Cerberus. He uses scythes primarily for the weapon, and wear some old Greek robes and armor, making him look primeval.

--Sorry if he wan't that beautiful. I'm really worst in drawing boys. Really.
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