DecalsSymbols of Viruses for Game Picture

As I mentioned in my last pic, the Rabid Virus is only one of the types of Viruses in the game. I have three more at current that are in the game; the Natural Viruses are yellow with red symbols on it's body; the Tame Viruses are blue with yellow symbols; and finally the Virus Source, which are black and have white symbols that differ from the other species because the symbols look like they are a part of some sort of cryptic language. I haven't gotten it done though...

You may have noticed that there is more than one for Tame Viruses above. That is because there is more than one form each virus can take. The Rabid Viruses look like brutal and violent animals like Gorillas, Bulls, Sharks, etc. The Natural Viruses look mainly like pack animals like Wolves and Lions, but also like Vultures, Eagles, Foxes, etc. The Tame Viruses look like Domestic Animals like Cats, Dogs, Birds, Small Rodents, etc. Finally are the Source Viruses that are similar in concept to mythological creatures such as the Hydra, Cerberus, Chimeras, etc. I was actually thinking of a 5th type of Virus that can be used, but we'll leave that for later, alright?

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