Monochromatic Hollow Picture

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Can you see it?
My lighting/shading is all off, at least on the character herself, but I really love how this turned out.
You could say it was an hour and a half scribble scrabble that I did in Chick-fil-A while waiting for my boyfriend... I still feel very strongly for this piece. I don't usually do too much monochromatic, painterly stuff, so this was a fun different sort of thing that people seem to really be attracted to.

Shown here is my character Glaive. She is completely human, though amplified genetically. An example of such amplifications would be the tail and her pointed ears you obviously cannot see very well. Though there are more than just visible additions to her being. Glaive is known as Project Kerberos(Better known as Cerberus), the reason behind aforesaid name would be her personalities. Glaive is one human, with two A.I. Units implanted into her brain. Each of the three is made to sort of impersonate a Mythological Canine. Cwn Annwn is the form her human self took before the Artificial Intelligence units were implanted. In this “form”, if you will, her entire character is white with the exception of the tips of her ears, which are indeed red and her eyes that are an amethyst color with golden halos about the pupils. The A.I. Unit Spectre, is black for obvious reason. Micro-sensors in the suit which allow for cloaking have also been manipulated to change according to who she is. Skin remains the same pale white, though her hair, ear tip colors, and eyes change; black for the hair, black where the tips were red, and golden for her eyes—as the myth mentions. Finally, for the third form, Glaive takes on characteristics of both Spectre and Cwn. Their hair becomes a mixture of black and white, each eye changes, and her suit becomes more black and grays with very subtle hints of white.

Glaive is a brawl unit. For as tiny as she appears, her strengths are brute force and a high tolerance for pain. Chaya, her companion and counter-part, is the exact opposite. She also is a rather magnificent tracker, though anyone with the title canine chimera should have the olfactory senses of a blood hound... Right? In addition to amazing scent-tracking, Spectre has a sort of heat-vision, not in the sense that she shoots beams from her eyes, but that with concentration she can switch her vision to infrared.

There are a ton more enhancements to these girls and a different background for the both of them, but I have no desire to plummet any further into description.
Thank you so much for reading this, IF you read it. Critiques, comments, just stopping by to say “hello” is always welcomed and very much appreciated. I already said it, but if you intend to favorite this picture, it would be amazing if you could also leave a comment... Now I sound like a whore.
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