Orthrus Brothers Picture

In Greek mythology, Orthrus was a two-headed dog and a doublet ("brother") of Cerberus.
Blood's real name is Orthrus and beside him is Orthus.
A year ago,Those two brother were separated by their master,Eurytion,accidentally.

Orthrus and their master were supposed to charged with guarding Geryon's herd of red cattle in the "sunset" land of Erytheia ("red one"),but then they got bored at went to the human world and slutter many humans with their human form.Orthrus disappeared and Orthus and his master went back.

Orthrus was weakened without his brother,but then,Xelina found him and saw how weak he is.Xelina knew that he's a dog,so she help him out(she's a dog lover,that's why.=.=').So,She went to Adrian for his help.Orthrus was now a Fire-Shadow/Hell-hound and also now named by Blood given by his new master,Xelina and now completely over-protective of her.

As for this brother Orthus,He took his brother's name and travel to search for "Blood" and mostly killed more Jack-ass~XD
But when he meet Blood and Xelina.Orthus is now addicted of Xelina because her evilness, stubbornness and being 'hard to get' girl.The two brother became enemies because of Xelina.

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