Cerberus-refined Picture

It's been a while since I've submitted anything, and I was feeling kinda proud of this, so I decided to submit it.

This is basically the best thing I've ever drawn, and it came out nicely in color too.
Compared to some of the drawings of others I know, this is shit...but in previous years I could only get close to this kind of drawing if I traced, so I like it.

Believe it or not, despite being qualified under "Anime," this is not a fanart of kingdom hearts. This was part of my english homework actually. We are reading Dante's Inferno and I had to draw Cerberus because he guards the gluttons in the third circle of hell. I did use my kh2 guide for reference on positioning.

So I guess copyright to cerberus goes to Disney because of my reference to it, even though Cerberus belongs to the romans/greeks

(Full view for better detail)
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