Pokemon team Picture

My pokemon team for a story I was working on... Actually it's more like a pokemon gang, with Ferret as their leader.

So yeah, just their names, species, gender, nature and a very short description of each. They each have a different art style that I think best suits them.

Surma, Tuli, Galifeu, and ferret are based on my Blaziken and furret from platinum and my typhlosion and houndoom from soulsilver, while Proto I just made up. Aaken are one of the few pokemon, and at this point my favourite, that I like from gen 5.

very uncreative names... Galifeu is the french name for Combusken(I got its parent in a trade, i know it makes no sense.) Tuli is finnish for Fire and surma is finnish for "a kill" and also a cerberus/hellhound-type mythological beast, Proto is because Aaken is based on proto-birds, and if I have to explain ferret, I swear-!!!

also: totally an NxTouya fan now~
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